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Based on each requirement a training programme is tailor-made. We have tailer made Training Programmes for individuals, Groups and organizations.

1) What is Training? Why Training is Required?

Triggering and Facilitating the character and competency of an individual using the body mind and spirit, in the give Time- Space- Setting is training. Training is up skilling for performing todays job better.

Teaching is the imparting of the subject matter. This basic difference itself is to be conceptualized before you start a training programme. Hence before we start any training programme a session on what is training and why is it required in Life and Work is taken.

2) Counselling, Training and Consultations:

Any excellent training institute is a synchronized combination of Counselling , Consultation, followed by Training by Expert Consultations.

Before any training session a Individual counselling helps to remove the blocks created in the individual by Heredity, Parenting and environment. Counselling helps to open up the individual for them to understand the weak areas, and also that no training can happen without the individuals Awareness Corporation and the acceptance of the reality.

3) Individual Training Programmes

We have individual development 3 programmes:

  • a) 14 days of Entity Development Programme
  • b) 31 ,days of competence development programme
  • c) 41 days of Personality Development Programme


Based on each individual a training programme is tailor-made, after initial time being spent with the person? As of now the time period is that of:

a) ENTITY- DEVELOPMENT 14 days (1 hour of daily interaction). (Per person- 7000 rupees)

3 Months Training:

  • Analysis of the person
  • Working on Self- Realization
  • Analyzing the Strength and Weakness of the person
  • Working on the strengths of the person and finally Re-creation.

b)CORE -COMPETENCY- DEVELOPMENT (2 days a week of daily 1 hour interaction).---- (On Entity, Body and Mind of 30days)(Per person- 25,000 rupees)

7 Months Training:

  • 1 Analysis and Change of thoughts.
  • 2 Uniqueness.
  • 3 Sensitivity
  • 4 Attitudes
  • 5 Core- Competencies
  • 6 Leadership
  • 7 Recreation of a wonderful you.

c)41 days of Personality Development Programme- 2 hours a day ( Per person-41,000)

4) Group Training Programmes

Any programme for the group we can organize as per the requirement from the lsit mentioned below.

Appearance Business Etiquette Etiquette in Geneneral Telephone Etiquette Voice mail Etiquette
Interpersonal Communication Assertive Communication Personal Vision Strategic Intent Client Relationship
Service E-Mail Etiquette Communication Culture Motivation
Meeting Etiquette The Master Programme-On Confidece Presentation Skills Stress Management Leadership
Training Skills Decision Making Public speaking Cultural Intergration Team Buiiding
People Management Personality Development Positive Attitude Negotiation Skills Time Management
Project Management and Planning English Grammar Body Language Goal Setting Values And Ethics
Spirituality Conflict -Management Positive Politics Exercise and Life Change-Management
Sales -Management Brain and Life Emotional Intelligence Learning Gratitude
How to Kill your Ego 7 -Habits of highly effective people Customer Service Interview Skills Fitness and Woman
Women and Marriage Skills and Habits Maturity and Antifragile Yoga Hormones
Training Awareness Learning and Development Organisational Development Creativity Hobbies and Interests

5) Customised Training Programmes

We can customize training programmes according to the gender ,age, profession and need, after research and analysis.

6) Higher training Programmes

With the highly competent life in 21st century, we have higher training areas whcich makes a person competent in higher areas like:
1) Training in thinking
2) Training in Creativity
3) Training in Spirituality too, as per the requirement.
These programmes will have the best effect if taken individually.