About Us

Welcome to Training for You!

Training for you is a unique company which gives an option to help the individual to analyze oneself find the competent areas and work on oneself for a beautiful life and a rewarding career.

Many times we feel difficult to analyze our core –competent areas and to handle the negative areas; we will help you to have clarity in these areas and to handle your strengths and weakness on your own. To live beautifully as a unique product of nature is a skill that anybody can develop with trust and practice.

We are a product of our Heredity, Parenting and Environment. Whatever we are today these factors have a strong influence on us. But whenever an external stimulus or experience happens to us, we are the only human beings in this whole world who can make a choice...


Why training is important?


No human beings can be compared with each other for the developments; we can only compare how much we have individually improved this moment for we are all so different in heredity, environment and upbringing. Without realizing this we keep on struggling with unwanted comparisons with the people around us. We loose our own gratitude for what we are blessed with, by the negative influence of media and unhealthy competitions. Success is a holistic attitude by the way we live life too , its not just career!!. By the time we realize this we would be near our sixty years of age...


  • Khodays Contact Centre, Bangalore
  • Kr. Narayananinstitute of film technology , Kottayam
  • Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training, Cochin
  • Outsource Partners International, Bangalore
  • Rotary Service Projects for children
  • Henry Baker College, Pala, Kottayam
  • Muthoot Management Academy, Cochin
  • Gregorian Public School, Cochin
  • Sangamam Health Clinic, Cochin
  • Chethana Associates, Cochin
  • Viva European fitness Centre
  • Hindhu Economic Forum,Cochin
  • Genius Choice –Coimbatore
  • Dove Study Centre, Cochin
  • Lazza Ice-Creams, Cochin
  • Careerfit 360 Pvt Ltd
  • Kpmg
  • Eicher Motors, Indore
  • Study Zone, Cochin
  • DCMS College,Vagamon
  • Indel Pvt ltd
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Anbodu Kochi