Priya Sivadas


Priya as a person

Priya Sivadas, Corporate Trainer and Organiational development consultant, is associated with many MNCs and educational institutions. Her experience and association with people from various domains helps her to effectively manage people and their behaviour. She is creative and possesses excellent intra and inter-personal management skills. She has conducted training programs Leadership, Training and Development in 21st century, Communication skills, etc… and has been consistent in nurturing goals towards positive results. She has overall 14 years of experience in the training domain.

Priya Sivadas is a passionate trainer and dancer who completed B.Sc. Community development from St. Teresa’s college with Mother Bernadine Memorial prize for scoring highest marks in B.Sc. extension education. Priya did a couple of diploma courses in tourism, computers and creativity. She cleared her MBA from the reputed Alliance business academy, Bangalore in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. (Also selected as the best outgoing student by Mr.Sellvam George HR-manager of Birla 3m, in 2002). She completed creative management and Network-thinking from Genius choice of creative e-management Coimbatore. (This is a specialised programme done to be a trainer, with the guidance and mentoring of under a competent trainer Dr.Prasad Sundararajan.) Priya still continues learning and researching under the genius choice schools guidance.

Her core competency in training includes programs on Leadership, Individual development & Train-the-Trainer workshops. She has managed the entire training functions for the corporate sector including Content development, Mentoring trainers and Creating leaders. She has been actively associated with people from various cultural backgrounds to bridge the areas in communication and comprehend the changing needs of an organization. Her strong passion in human research and behavioral study has made her to realize the reality to create the niche consistently.

Highlights of the training includes

  • 1. Exposure she worked in Khodays contact centre in Bangalore as behaviour specialist. And here she created customised competency development programmes and individual employee counselling which helped to retain 50+ high value employees.
  • 2. Worked as training manager for OPI-Bangalore where the leadership, communication and the competency development programmes were highly appreciated.
  • 3. In Cochin she worked as senior manager for the Muthoot management academy (Which conducted specific training programmes for the Managers and above especially in the behaviour aspects).The leadership modules developed and the training programmes conducted were considered unique in the individual transformations and productivity at work and behaviour.
  • 4. Has done training consultations for Frank fin Air Hostess institute on personality development and
  • 5. Through genius choice institute and Pathway for a couple of schools, Colleges and Corporates.
  • 6. Counselling and Personal training for many children and individuals


  • 1. She deals with are mainly with the behavior aspects of the person. She does evaluation of the trainees before the training programme, evaluates them after the programme and aligns them to focus on the Company Mission and goals for the Organisational development.
  • 2. Starting from Communication Skills, Stress management to Leadership skills she has 70 modules with her.
  • 3. She is also good at Content building, Research, PowerPoint presentation and Module designing with videos and all latest technologies.
  • 4. She develops the training calendar from the performance appraisal and the interviews with the project leaders, finds the necessities and develops customised programmes for the corporate need focus.
  • 5. Her passion and commitment is a proven asset in training and organisational development with her experience exposure and commitment for her passion.
  • 6. Counselling, Removal of the blocks and individual uniqueness programme.

Areas of expertise

Leadership Personality Development
Train the Trainer Decision Making
Gratitude Coaching and Feedback
Train the Trainer Programme Interview Skills
Communication and Body Language Presentation skills
Professional Skills Training awareness Programme
Fitness and Intellect Stress Management
Brain and Its role in Life and Work Motivation Skills
Planning ,Prioritizing and Time Management Change Management
Vision, Mission and Goals Values
And many more……

Priya as a Mentor

Be it a moon or sky, nothing can limit you. Being a mentor this is what she teaches you. With a proper Vision, Mission and Values for life, you can really make your life wonderful and inspiring. What comes in between your Vision Mission and Goals is just a mirage, which you can cross and you have the power within. Major stopping factors such as stress, emotions, and distracted mind, are common, no one in the world build Rome in a day, a lot of hard work, dedication and self-confidence made them great. She helps you in mentoring and lightening your mind with the magic of words and meditation and by working on your uniqueness.

She helps you handle your issues through counselling and mentoring.

Priya as a Person

"Abundance comes when you share"

She believes sharing is a great tool which helps you grow. Over the year she has learned the art of mentoring Body, Mind and Spirit, what you get from her classes is the skill of conquering the universe. There is no life without struggle, even a butterfly struggle as a cocoon to become as we see them. So why are we running out of struggles that comes in our life, it will only make you more beautiful. Enjoy the little things in life; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So be ready to face challenges, grow and explore. This is how she makes it inspiring for you. Personality development is the sum total of the character and competency of the person. Work is a part of life, hence we need to learn, relearn and unlearn consistently according to the time-space setting of a situation.

A personality with a variety of interests, hobbies and from a joint family bag round she is unique and magical. Her consistent effort and passion in Training, her competency is unique and magical to transform the individual and the organisation.

What Priya says about her work

My experience spans across the entire gamut of Training Resources (Organisational Development) functions right from Training Strategies, Training Planning, Individual and Organisational development, Counselling, Train the trainer and research and continuous learning in training related activities.

She helps you handle your issues through counselling and mentoring.

Key specializations

  • 1. Handling Organization Development (OD) initiatives and projects such as Employee Engagement (Talent Management, Career Planning, Succession Management, Leadership Pipeline and Employee Participation Programs),
  • 2. Organization Change Management, Organization Design and Re-structuring Projects Corporate Training Delivery and Content Development, and
  • 3. E-Learning Initiatives.
  • 4. Developing unique modules on senior managers for leadership training programmes.
  • 5. Developing creative strategies and executing them to achieve the company Vision, Mission and Values with the co-operations and commitment of the employees.
  • 6. Making the process of the work simple and clear .Developing the individual competency in” DOING A JOB”
  • 7. Allowing people rediscover their competent self through work and colleagues, through which they find work more challenging and passionate.