Dr. Prasad SundarRajan


About Dr. Prasad SundarRajan

sporadic schooling. university rank degree and post-degree and doctorates in psychology. researcher since 1972 and an extra or non-ordinary searcher since the very first day on earth - like anyone else. re-searchd the highest of human powers or entelechies - named: creativity, originality,eccentricity, and enlightenment + nature-processes from "Creative-Perspective". developed seven books as on 2011 The Worship Book See you - published by PAICO, Kochi Kerala Genius Choice -Book 1, Genius Choice - Book 2 'Organization Entelechy: Creative Manager, Genius Leader, Taoic Process' [publiched by Geniuschoice Institute & available at Amazon.com] 'Missing Engines of Management Education' [Amazon.com], and 'The Master Thief: Stealing Sources Inside - Linkage Analysis of 3 classic Zen Parables [amazon.com]